Shopping Cart Page – Payment Form Page vs. PayPal Form Page conflict

I’ve just set up PayPal Express in my store settings and attempted to order a product and check out as a customer. I keep running into an error provide on the “order confirmation page” which reads “Whoops, looks like you skipped a step, please go back…”. When I click the link to go back I am once again brought to a blank checkout page this page only has a button to continue checkout. I saw this page previously when going through the checkout process and thought nothing of it since the next page I was brought to was the PayPal page.

I did some searching in the store settings, and for kicks, under the messages tab, typed a message on each of the Shopping Cart pages so I could identify which page was the “missing link” to my checking out process – turns out it is the Payment Form Page.

What should be appearing on the Frame Market Payment Form Page for the customer to fill out?

Should my PayPal page somehow be linked to this Frame Market page in order to work properly?