Shopping cart quantity and redirect errors

I am unsure, but I believe CoursePress Pro is still redirecting to MarketPress upon checkout, so we have MarketPress concerns. Specifically, here are our problems:

1.) When a new student enrolls into a course, the quantity is set to 2 by default instead of 1. This is problematic and confuses the new user.

2.) If the student decides to remove all courses and enroll into a new course, the shopping cart remains empty (so it suggests choosing a course instead).

3.) Can we modify the message when the shopping cart is empty? We do not want it to go to MarketPress' generated product listings page.

  • Nastia


    I trust you are doing well today!

    1. Would you please let us know the quantity of what is set to 2? I've registered to your site and added one course from the product page, and the quantity was set to 1

    Is this what you mean?

    3. You can change the text with the Ultimate Branding plugin. Once you activate it, enable the "Network Wide Text Change" module.

    Insert the phrase you wish to change inside "Find this text" field and the phrase to replace it with, like it's shown in the attached screenshot:

    The only way to change the link for "go add some" is to edit MarketPress file. The file you need to edit is in /wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/common/class-mp-cart.php on the line 795.

    <a href=&quot;%s&quot;>go add some</a>

    Replace the code with the link :
    But this change will be lost after every WordPress update, and you will need to add it manually.

    Let us know of you require any further assistance!


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