Shopping Cart Text Appears at Page Top - Catalyst Theme

Been testing MarketPress with WPML for a week now with no joy yet.

Waiting on WPML for main problem of possible incompatibility (?), but to save time, I do have a theme query that you may be able to help with. This problem appears with/without WPML.

(1) Products pages appear to work fine, but as soon as user gets to Shopping Cart and beyond, the Optional Text from Settings appears at top of html page, and not within cart content itself.

Looking with Firebug shows the text is sitting immediately after the <body> tag with no elements/anything to accompany it. All on its own.

(2) The WPML language switcher than changes its style when moving to Shopping Cart and beyond. Changes from drop-down box to list view. This also may be theme issue?

Here is test site where you can see this: (note .co not .com!)

Have two other test sites running trying to solve major WPML-MarketPress issues. But all sites have this text placement problem. :slight_frown:

Any comments or experience with this problem? The Catalyst theme is surely one if the best out there.


  • Philip John


    If you haven't already, check out the MarketPress guide for WPML (it's new!):

    1) It looks like your theme is printing the title out in the wrong place! What do you see in header.php immediately after the opening body tag?

    2) Yep, that's your theme messing with the default WPML styling.


  • RichardHK

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, have seen the tutorial which is only really a very basic getting started guide. Have done everything right and been running WPML for a month Ok on a site with the Shopp plugin. Only problem with Shopp is that it is not WPML compatible hence the jump to MarketPress.

    Here is my theme header.php file. Does it help?

    global $catalyst_layout_id;
    catalyst_hook_in_head( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_in_head' );
    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>

    As you can see from test site, the text appears out of place as below:

    <body class="page page-id-0 page-parent page-template-default windows firefox ff5 right-sidebar catalyst_default">
    Your Shopping Cart
    <link type="image/x-icon"... ... etc

    Any clues from my your side?


  • RichardHK

    Thanks for your quick response Phil.

    There is no get_header(); in theme index.php as it redirects to a catalyst_framework.php file as follows:


    Then, in the catalyst_framework.php file there are the only two refs to get_header(); anywhere, and here they are:

    elseif( is_page_template( 'template-blank-body.php' ) )
    		catalyst_hook_blank_body( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_blank_body' );


    function catalyst_head()
    	global $catalyst_layout_id;
    	catalyst_hook_before_html( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_before_html' );
    	catalyst_hook_before_before_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_before_before_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_before_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_before_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_after_before_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_after_before_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_before_after_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_before_after_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_after_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_after_header' );
    	catalyst_hook_after_after_header( $catalyst_layout_id . '_catalyst_hook_after_after_header' );

    Does that help? Is there anything I could ask theme developer?


  • RichardHK

    Hi Phil,

    Feedback from theme developer tells me that custom coding is needed on your plugin side due to Catalyst having its own way of doing the header and footer. Your 'ugh' was right then. :slight_smile:

    Quote: "...some Plugins that use Custom Page Templates you may have to manipulate their get_header() and get_footer() code to get them to function properly in Catalyst."

    This leaves me in a predicament as I do not want to get into non-standard coding. So, either I change themes for MarketPress or I go back to Shopp with its partial support for WPML. Ugh from me this time.

    Ref coding issue and theme support, could you advise:

    Q1: Is the above code quote an indication of real trouble, a showstopper for me?

    Q2: Or something you can incorporate into product yourself to broaden support?

    Q3: What premium themes work out-of-the-box with MarketPress?

    Q4: Does Headway (read msg here) work well with MP (looks interesting to me).

    Thanks for your help and advice.


  • Philip John

    That's a real shame... when themes do this it effectively renders plugin like ours (and many, many others) useless. If they just stuck to the conventions (as we do) everything would work nicely together.

    With so many themes out there it's not feasible to consider catering to every one - it'd be a minefield.

    However, I know some members use Headway and there has been some compatibility work for Headway themes so that's definitely one to try!

    As for replicating your current site - it depends on how Shopp works compared to MarketPress (custom post types) but MP should work well with any well-coded theme.


  • RichardHK

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for suggestion and been looking at Headway with interest. But holding off a couple more days as the Catalyst developer has looked into issue further, found a solution for the get_header issue, and will be making a theme update available very soon! This is inline with the usual 100%+ support we get with Catalyst so looks like all may be well soon. Just like Headway I guess they must realize there is no way they cannot fully support WordPress standard conventions with all these new custom post plugins appearing -especially in the shopping cart arena.

    Will report back here as soon as update done and I can prove MarketPress virtual pages are working Ok. Fingers crossed hard. Still got some work ahead when this glitch has gone. :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • RichardHK

    Hi Phil,
    Long time no talk! The Catalyst developer did manage to fix the conflicts Ok as reported but a number of other oddities emerged and put me in a dilemma somewhat. As I am not a programmer, the grid view plugin and shipping fixes I needed at a minimum were acceptable with your help, but I decided to drop MarketPress for now and see how things develop in future.

    Some issues that pushed me to decide this were:

    1. I know the grid plugin is not your core code, but in the spirit of WordPress, I did not expect to hear your side telling folks it is not supported. As I noted earlier, there are a number of functions that are expected in a base shopping cart, and grid view is one of them. Suggest you build it into core as soon as possible.
    2. Was very surprised to hear Aaron telling a customer that WPML was not supported. Yes I know you offered to help fix issue, but such a statement should never have been made. My testing was responsible for getting your v1.0 Marketpress-multilingual updated to v1.1 due to a nasty bug which should not have been there. Should have been better tested.
    3. Functionality for MP plugin does need to be stronger and with only one core developer, I will be waiting a very long time for needed functions.
    4. The Categories widget does not work, as noted in thread here. Just shows hierarchy but nothing happens when clicking an expected link. Very odd that you should have such a useless widget. And not many widgets available either.
    5. My Share & Follow icons appear below product detail pages, as they should, but above 'products' excerpt page.
    6. No product title appears on product details pages.
    7. Category display in Edit Product screen does not display correct hierarchies, even though Ok thankfully.
    8. No comments available on product pages.

    Enough said. I wish you well and who knows, I may be back later. Sadly, it seems that e-commerce plugins for WP are not really mature yet, anywhere, and you do have good chance to take a lead if you throw some more resources into MarketPress, and make it the fully-featured plugin claimed.

    Best regards,

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