Shopping Cart Widget

With the shopping cart widget, is there any way to:

1. remove the "browse products" link, and,
2. add padding so the graphic associated with the theme is not overlapping with the widget text.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Ciara,

    You'd have to edit the MarketPress plugin code for your first question, but it's a very simple edit. On line 776 of template-functions.php you'll see the following:
    $content .= '<div id="mp_cart_actions_widget"><a class="mp_store_link" href="'.mp_store_link(false, true).'">'.__('Browse Products &raquo;', 'mp').'</a></div>';

    You can alter that as you like or simply remove the line completely to remove the Browse Products link.

    Your second question sounds like a theme issue, do other widgets exhibit the same padding issue with that theme? And if you switch to Twenty Eleven theme, does it display the same way?

    If you can provide a link to the site, I'm sure we can find a quick css fix for it.


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