Shopping cart/checkout info page css styling... is there a catchall solution?

The table that displays the information for the checkout item/buttons/ and quantity count is awful in default mode. I followed the themeing markert press post and created a custom style based on icon under presentation.

So far edits have been to specific elements, using the firebug inspector to find, and adding padding to the elements to move them in any direction. Its gotten to be too specific per element, meaning i have edits for every item in the table, and their all different. This ones got 420px to the right anothers got 150px to the left.

My question is can there be some code I'm overlooking to style the whole table so that theres ample room for items. In default seems everything has zero padding, and is butted up against eachother.

I ask because my edits aren't carrying over between browsers, and the mobile experience could be worse that when i started.

feel free to take a look at (pass: zeebs) and go store>addtocart> and look at that cart page, then go to checkout and see the address page. Address page hasnt been styled, but im afraid ill get the same result if i start to try what i did already.

If its a lost cause and blameable on the theme im using, then point me to one that i can achieve the same minimal effect.


  • Ash

    Hello Chris

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    I just checked the page and it's not looking good, I agree. If you want to use custom template, you have to edit for every item. In that case, you can take help of a good css developer, that he can assist you to make the for responsive. But it's a good idea if you to copy default.css theme and modify it.

    Hope it helps. Please feel free to ask more if you have any question.


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