Short Code for UpTime Monitoring

this is a feature / suggestion request ;

People create multisites for many reasons.
regardless of the reason, i think it is fair to say that uptime and hence uptime monitoring is even more critical on multisite for obvious reasons ; as compared to single wp installs.

Therefore if one (customer/client) is a subsite or belongs to a multisite,
that customer/client deserves to have access to UpTime Monitoring.
the same way many companies provide transparent access to their services ;
etc. etc. etc. the list are many but just to give an example.

NewRelic paid plans that include embedded widgets are very expensive for many small multisites in my opinion.

It would be great i think for WPMUDEV members to offer their multisite customers/clients/users a simple way of viewing the status of their site/network that they belong to.

in other words,
the same nice neat UpTime Monitoring that we can see in "The Hub" would be just as awesome to offer to users as a short code.
may i even be bold enough to add an option for logged in / logged out users ? :slight_smile:

one caveat - i am not sure how this would affect subsites,
my assumption is the "main site" in "The Hub" is what may show the UpTime and it is possible that subsites in a multisite may go down due to conflicts but not necessarily affect the entire multisite because there were no shared themes and plugins with said conflict etc.
so clarification on this would also indeed be appreciated.

regardless the point is to offer UpTime monitoring for multisite Front End !!! :slight_smile:

look forward to your kind and positive feedback in this.