short codes not working in membership

I’ve been fighting with this plugin for several days, and only got it to work to the point that it is right now by uninstalling, deleting all the files, and dropping the related database tables. Twice.

Currently, it is generally working, with two important exceptions, the first being more important than the second.

First of all, I note that none of the short codes are working- including [subscriptionform]. I have tried inserting it on several pages because it won’t show up where it belongs, on the subscribe page. This had been one of the things that had worked before I did all of the reinstalling of the plugin, but does not work any longer.

Interestingly, the custom short code that I made does display content… although, ironically, the access level is supposed to hide it. But there is one short code that is working. Sort of.

Yes, I have the short code visibility defaulted as visible and all the access levels have been set to display short codes.

The second thing is that when I set the Protected content page, when I test the different access levels by assigning the ‘stranger’ to each one in turn, I find that some of them redirect to the protected content page, even when they have access to the page according to the settings. This should not happen, since the pages in question are viewable at least in some measure by all of the access levels. If I set the protected content page to nothing (select a page) then everything works as it should. Since I do have some pages that I want to be completely hidden to some users eventually, it is important that I get this to work.

I have the latest versions of both membership and wordpress installed.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hi tnttony.

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I’ve had a better play with this plugin recently and not had many issues other than misunderstanding a few things.

    First of all, I note that none of the short codes are working- including [subscriptionform]. I have tried inserting it on several pages because it won’t show up where it belongs, on the subscribe page. This had been one of the things that had worked before I did all of the reinstalling of the plugin, but does not work any longer.

    Are you logged in as an admin?

    You will still see the content and the tags if so.

    Do you have any sample links I could see and perhaps some screenshots of your settings please.

  • tnttony
    • Flash Drive

    Whether I am logged in as admin or ‘stranger’ the short codes do not work properly.

    Since there are settings across a number of pages, it would probably be better if I gave you access to the site. I’d rather not put the info out here in the open, of course. Is there a way I can get it to you?

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    I spent a little time debugging and found a plugin conflict.

    The coupon code works fine.

    The conflict is with the Facebook plugin you are using. I have notified the plugin developer. For now leaving that disabled will allow you to use the membership plugin.

    I’ve also asked David to take a quick look at this as he is more acquainted with the Membership plugin than I currently am.

    Please leave the account open a little longer before changing the password. :slight_smile:

  • tnttony
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    Hi Timothy,

    Thanks! You've definitely identified the source of the subscription code issue.

    However, there is still a problem with the custom short code and the protected page issue.

    The coupon/custom short code is correctly showing/hiding the short code for one access level (the one I've called stranger) but for the other two, instead of showing or hiding the content, it shows the whole line of code, eg; [coupon]test[/coupon]

    I left the access level at one of the other levels so you can see what I mean. I also tested it in Chrome and FF to make sure it wasn't a browser issue (as unlikely as that may have been).

    Also, if you try to access the blog post that I sent you, you will see that it is now being redirected to the 'no access' page. Once again, for the 'stranger' access level I created, the page displays correctly, but when I set the non-registered user's access to one of the other levels for testing purposes, it shoots it to the 'no access' page.

    I left it with the other access level set so you can see what I mean. I have attached a screen shot for the custom code issue, showing what it looks like from the front end.

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

  • tnttony
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    Oh, I see what you’re saying. Yes, ok, that is when signed in as admin. I cannot verify that it is working correctly when viewed via one of the other access levels, because when I try to view that page I am re-directed to the ‘no access’ page I have set up.

  • tnttony
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    We are enjoying a miscommunication. :slight_smile:

    You’re right, the coupon short code works with the strangers access level that I created for ‘strangers,’ but there is a more serious problem when I give ‘strangers’ (ie, unregistered users) a higher access level. The other two access levels I have created have access to more content on that blog post than the strangers access level, but when I try to view it, I get redirected to the no access page.

    There could be some confusion here, because the plugin has a setting for what ‘strangers’ see when visiting the website, and I created an access level with the same name. I am changing what strangers see to the higher access levels to emulate what a registered user would see based on my set up, rather than constantly logging in and out all the time.

    So, if you look now, I have changed the setting for what non-registered users can see to one of those higher access levels, but if you go to the blog I’m using for testing purposes, it redirects to the no access page- even though those higher access levels have the necessary permissions.

    Whether or not the coupon short code issue is sorted out is neither here nor there until these higher access leveled users can see the content they are supposed to be able to see, without getting redirected.

    Hope that clears it up.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon


    What happens when you assign a subscription to a user:


    Does the test user see the restricted content then?

    Although I’ve not tested your way of doing it, I would assume if the user has not active subscription then they would still get a no-access. I’ve asked David on this one.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi tnttony,

    Working with Tim on this, could I get you to create a new thread for your further questions surrounding the shortcodes and Stranger/Access Levels?

    It’ll really help here as this thread’s getting a bit lengthy and the developers would need to see the relevant bits about the Ultimate Facebook and Membership issue mentioned earlier.



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