Shortcode and/or APIs

I see many requests for a shortcode that allows to render the subscription form (and perhaps for other purposes as well).

I think these are more than reasonable requests, but each time they ands up with some reference to some code that allows to create a generic shortcode that actually renders the widget.

It's fine, but I believe that a specific shortcode would be better and safer.

And frankly I don't see where are the difficulties on having this feature ades.

As a coder, I would also appreciate a developer documentation, a list of apis, hooks (actions and filters) to work on it.
With them I would be probably able to create my own shortcode, but this is a different story.

I might be blind, but I wasn't able to find any actual documentation for this plugin.

To find out how to create acustom templates, I had to browse many posts on this forum.
To find out that custom templates are saved in the plugin folder (and therefore lost after an upgrade) I had to browse even more posts.
To find out how to add a subscription form, and realize that I actually have to use a widget, when I need to add this form in a page, again more posts.
And then the shortcode issue required to read even more posts.

I don't think that some sort of documentation is asking too much, is it?

Thank you for your understanding and everybody, have a nice week-end!

  • DavidM
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    Hi sciamannikoo,

    Thanks for your suggestion! The widget shortcode mentioned in another thread would work, but you're right, it'd be easier if the plugin provides a shortcode itself. I'll tag the developer on this to have a look here.

    We'll have a look at the instructions for this one too, as they're currently general purpose instructions.

    Personally, I think it'd be great to have a way to auto-list or even auto-document filters and actions in any WordPress plugin. I'm actually working on something like that myself and I'll see about utilizing that for this plugin so we can easily provide details like that in the instructions.


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