Shortcode and/or APIs

I see many requests for a shortcode that allows to render the subscription form (and perhaps for other purposes as well).

I think these are more than reasonable requests, but each time they ands up with some reference to some code that allows to create a generic shortcode that actually renders the widget.

It's fine, but I believe that a specific shortcode would be better and safer.

And frankly I don't see where are the difficulties on having this feature ades.

As a coder, I would also appreciate a developer documentation, a list of apis, hooks (actions and filters) to work on it.
With them I would be probably able to create my own shortcode, but this is a different story.

I might be blind, but I wasn't able to find any actual documentation for this plugin.

To find out how to create acustom templates, I had to browse many posts on this forum.
To find out that custom templates are saved in the plugin folder (and therefore lost after an upgrade) I had to browse even more posts.
To find out how to add a subscription form, and realize that I actually have to use a widget, when I need to add this form in a page, again more posts.
And then the shortcode issue required to read even more posts.

I don't think that some sort of documentation is asking too much, is it?

Thank you for your understanding and everybody, have a nice week-end!