Shortcode examples for Events+

I see that some short codes are provided, but not a single example of how to use them.

Tag: [eab_calendar]
network - (boolean) Query type
date - (date) Starting date - default to now
category - (string or integer) Show events from this category (ID or slug)
categories - (list of comma-separated IDs) Show events from these categories - accepts comma-separated list of IDs
navigation - (boolean) Show navigation
title_format - (date format) Date format used in the navigation title, defaults to "M Y"
short_title_format - (date format) Date format used for shorter date representation in the navigation title, defaults to "m-Y"
long_date_format - (date format) Date format used for displaying long date representation, defaults to your date settings
footer - (boolean) Show calendar table footer
class - (string) Apply this CSS class
template - (string) Subtemplate file, or template class call
override_styles - (boolean) Toggle default styles usage
override_scripts - (boolean) Toggle default scripts usage

Can someone please share how the short codes should be used ?


  • Alexander

    Hi @polle,

    A shortcode can be placed in the content of any post/page. When that page is loaded, it will then be expanded into the feature it will be providing. You can get a basic overview here:

    For the Events+ shortcodes, you just start with the basic shortcode, then you add attributes as needed. For example

    Using this...
    will work perfectly fine. It will display a list of your events.

    Or you can add a few attributes...
    [eab_archive category="featured" limit="6"]
    This version will only show events that are in the "featured" category, and it will limit the number it shows to 6

    The available attributes are shown along with each shortcode for Events+ on that shortcodes page. If you need help working with any of them, just let me know what you're trying to do and I can help you get the right attributes for it.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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