Shortcode only shows code, widget doesn't show at all

I want to insert an Essential Grid into the page for my blog like I have here. I have the grid on my staging site and have tried two different ways to insert it but neither is working.

If I use the widget, supplied by Essential Grid, nothing shows up at all when I drag the widget in on Upfront.

If I use the shortcode, Upfront first doesn't insert the entire code, only the beginning [ess_grid] And when it inserts the code, its adding it between <b> so it just appears as bold text.

I tried using div, html, and code (each separately) around the entire shortcode and the only thing that has changed is showing the text.

I'm really trying to work with Upfront, but when I keep running into hurdles with things that are supposed to have been made simpler, I'm wondering about using it. Is this common? Can someone please tell me how to add the Essential Grid without a problem? Thank you.