Shortcode tag displays publically

I'm using the premium membership plugin and am using shortcode protected content. I have shortcode visibility default to "yes" and have setup a shortcode called freemium (see 1st screenshot). I have restricted access to the shortcode content on the anonymous user (guest) member level, but leave access open to the registered members level.

The shortcode restriction works great for the anonymous / guest user member level. When a registered member looks at the page, they do see the restricted content, BUT they also see the actual shortcode tags. (see 2nd screenshot). What could be causing this and how can I fix it so that the shortcode tags don't appear?

  • Kimberly
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    Hi there and welcome to WPMU forums :slight_smile:

    If you are checking these pages while logged in then you will be able to see the shortcode.

    If you are logged in as a membership administrator (you can see the Membership admin pages) then you will see the shortcodes. If you are not logged in, or are logged in as a non-membership admin user then you won't see the shortcodes.

    Are you seeing this only when logged in or are your members seeing this too?



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