Shortcode with Membership Plugin Not Working as Intended?

I don't know if I am better off posting an issue with shortcode or an issue with protected content, but shortcode is easier to illustrate. Can anyone explain why shortcode in the following example functions for visitors but not for my only other access group? I tried this route because the content illustrated was not being protected as intended.

  • wshinds
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    I enjoy being humbled, Morten, thank you. I need to increase my programming load-out from a 3 monitor setup running multiple browsers to 6...! That is VERY useful to know. May I ask another question, being less familiar with Wordpress and shortcode -- is the content between the tags indexed by the search engine crawlers? Is "hidden" information truly hidden, or is this a carpet over a dust-pile? Again, many thanks, it helps a great deal.

    If you had to pick, for security, which is better: Shortcode tags to hide the priviledged content or full-on page restrictions directing to the PROTECTED page? I'm more concerned with the security and integrity of the data and information than I am with the flow of the website.

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