Shortcodes and 404s


I have recently joined WPMUDEV specifically to use the Ultimate Translate plugin, as it claims to "Work Perfectly with WordPress Multisite 3.1.3".

I am using WordPress 3.1.3 in multisite mode with the very latest version of Ultimate Translate (downloaded 14th June 2011).

I've set it up for English, Spanish and Swedish, and have set it to translate all pages, which it seems to have done.

The English site ( is the main site.

I have a couple of problems:

1) Issues with shortcodes. Eg "caption" - where it renders the content of the shortcode on the page - see for an example

I have seen a few forum posts about this, but none that seem to have been resolved successfully.

Also see there should be a 'tubepress' videos here, but it's not working because of the shortcode issue.

Again, - there is a Flickr plugin that is not working due to the shortcode issue.

2) On the same page, there is a video on the UK version, but it does not show on a translated page.



3) The main site has the blog at

However, results in an empty white page.

Trying just displays the English version

and results in a 404

The News and Events page has the same problem.

Hope someone can help me with these. I am concerned that I have read on several posts that you'll soon not be supporting this project - I only signed up and paid for this plugin as it claims to work perfectly with multisite, and that it is fully supported!

Many thanks,