Shortcodes available to embed in pages?

I'd like to embed the Activity Plus widget at the top of a page. Is there a shortcode for it?

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Unfortunately the plugin does not support shortcodes. It integrates with BuddyPress activity page and hence if you need to show it at any other place like header, it'd need to be custom coded.

    If you are looking for something like Facebook then here are a few options :

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same. I am around

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    That's a shame. What I'm trying to do is create a page that pulls together all the different activity into a page that is personalised for the particular user - so that they don't see activity related to Groups and forums that they're not part of.

    To do this, I'm using Bowecode plugin and some other shortcodes for bbpress, etc.

    What's missing is the means to add a status update on the page - hence my request for a shortcode from you guys for Activity Plus.

    It would be a great feature to add soon.


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