shortcodes do not display any content - no registration forms are visible. I log out, no forms, I lo

Anyway, I have one site that Membership works on perfectly. I have a second site that I am trying to add Membership to, and I can't get the shortcodes to work at all. Settings are identical (other than the fact that they differ by site content), but the second site also uses Buddypress and Marketpress. I disabled both Buddypress and Marketpress, and the shortcodes still won't display a registration form. I checked the chmod for all of the plugin files, I used the 'Repair Membership' add-on to verify the membership tables (a complete act of desperation). The plug-in is working perfectly in that content, menu items, etc. that are specified in different Access Levels are working perfectly.

Previous version of Members (which I started with) included a special word that could be required for new membership signups. Could that be binding me up? ANY suggestions welcome!
Current registration page is here:
This page does have the shortcode below the sample text [subscriptionform]. However, no form! Etch!