Shortcodes don't appear to be working

I have 3 access levels:
Visitors - views only certain pages
HUBdash - views every page except for 1, which is encased in a short code
HUBmatch - Can view every page.

I have essentially have 5 subscription plans. One of those plans (State Employees) uses HUBmatch.

I want everyone to see this page:

However, I want ONLY the State Employee members to be able to view the form on that page. I have encased the form in the [level-hubmatch]
[not-level-hubmatch] short code.

Right now, Visitors & HUBdash levels work fine. However, when I sign on as a State Employee (using HUBmatch access level), I am getting TWO different "permissions" messages where the form should be. Both saying that I don't have permission to view it. I'm not sure what to do.