Shortcodes from Gravity Forms and Restrict Content Pro are not working (or break the popup!)

I have just installed this plugin on a client's site ( and am having 2 problems with the shortcodes we have in the popup.

We have two shortcodes: One is a user registration Gravity Form that creates a free subscriber account and logs the user in. The second is a Login Form shortcode for Restrict Content Pro.

When the Gravity Forms shortcode is placed in the popup and I attempt to preview the popup, I see nothing but a white screen with a little spinner in it. The error console says "Uncaught ReferenceError: gformInitSpinner is not defined" (the gform prefix tells me this is a problem with Gravity Forms). And indeed, when I put spaces in the gravity form shortcode (to disable it), I am able to preview the popup.

However, the second shortcode (the login form) does not render, it just displays the shortcode. (see

I have tried loading the popup using both Page Footer and WordPress AJAX.

I worried that this would be an issue before buying, so I had asked a presales question to ensure that this plugin supports shortcodes, and was assured that it does. But evidently it takes some effort. Hope you can help figure it out!