Shortcodes from other plugins and Membership

Hello, I have the latest Membership Plugin. I just implemented a FAQ manager, which uses shortcodes. See the page here.

Looks great!

BUT then I logged in as a user, and the shortcodes for this plugin, which makes the questions and answers appear, well, Membership hijacks them, so paid users will DON'T see the FAQs. (shock!) I want the FAQs to appear all the time. I added a shortcode into the admin shortcode area...but I don't need to protect my FAQs so that doesn;'t make sense (and didn't work anyway)

What can I do to be able to use Membership and this FAQ manager's shortcodes? They are as follows. Thank you

Subscription Pricing
[faq faq_topic="subscription-pricing"]
Subscription Questions
[faq faq_topic="subscription-questions"]
[faq faq_topic="downloads"]
[faq faq_topic="dvds"]
Public Performance Rights
[faq faq_topic="public-performance-rights"]
Film Selection
[faq faq_topic="film-selection"]
[faq faq_topic="troubleshooting"]