Shortcodes not being honored

Any idea why my shortcodes aren’t being honored in the Membership plugin? I have Premium membership set to no negative rules, and the free membership set to “no more” so free users can’t see beyond the “more” tag, and a positive rule that lets them see content inside of a [free][/free] shortcode set. This shortcode is used after the “more” divider, so maybe the negative rules are outweighing the positive?

Ideally, I want free/anonymous users to be the same level (which I set in the “Stranger settings”:wink:, with all non-teaser (before the “more” break) hidden, except in cases where I am using the [free] shortcode.

Not sure why this is so difficult. This membership model doesn’t seem unusual to me.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    If you set a negative rule for the more tag then it won’t matter what you place after that more tag – it’ll be restricted.

    You will need to place any content you want to be visible *before* the more tag, or not use the more tag at all.



  • snipe
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Phil…. that doesn’t really seem like that’s how it should work. I have it set so that shortcodes are visible by default, and I would expect a whitelisted shortcode to trump the defaults (“more” being hidden.) It seems like it defeats the entire purpose of having shortcodes and the ability to include mixed private and public content within a post.

    What is my practical solution here, if I want to use the more divider exclusion so that teasers look the way I want, but I can mark some content free? Doing it by url isn’t really practical, and I don’t want to have to use the [paidcontent] shortcode on 90% of the posts just to accomodate the handful of free ones.

  • snipe
    • New Recruit

    Is there any plan for creating options there? I still think that my model is not an uncommon one, and the more tag shouldn’t trump shortcodes – or should be able to be disabled on a per-post setting basis. It seems impossible that this simple thing I’m trying to do is such a hassle.

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