Shortcodes, Subscription Plans and discounts


I am trying to set up a discounted subscription plan. So for example the user would pay $5 for the first month then a serial payment of $10 each month ongoing. I also want the subscription option for this to be private so it can only be seen when directed to a specific URL. I also do not want the user to have to re-enter any payment details after the 1st month as I fear this would result in larger drop out rates.

Is this all possible? Is this possible with pay pal standard gateway? or what gateway would you recommend for this type of plan?

I have seen that I can make a subscription plan privet but I do not know how to display it on a page. I would have thought it would be something like [subscriptionform_id=”4″] Is there a list of shortcodes for the plugin I can not seem to find one?

Thanks for your help