Shortcodes Ultmate shortcode being printed on page

Shortcodes Ultimate shortcodes are being rendered as rich text. If I copy and paste the code it still doesn\'t work, but if I type out the whole thing from scratch in the Text side editor then it renders. This leads me to believe that when coursepress saves the code it is converting some of the code into rich text which breaks it.

I have turned off all plugins except CoursePress and Shortcodes Ultimate and reverted to the default theme. Code does not render. Issue is only inside CoursePress.

I have gone in and fixed these before and for some reason they are back. I have attached screenshots of what a broken one looks like and what a working one looks like.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey Black Fox, Michael here!

    That particular shortcode looks to belong to a premium add-on for Shortcodes Ultimate, but in testing this out on your website, I saw that same issue when I posted the code for that section onto a test post for your site, it wasn't until I re-arranged the shortcode parameters that it started working:

    [su_icon_panel icon_color="#cf3827" icon_size="60" shadow="0px 2px 10px #253946" icon="icon: wechat"]<h1 style="text-align: center; font-size: 36px;">What is Conversational Capacity?</h1>[/su_icon_panel]

    Can you try doing this with a normal post this time (and CoursePress being disabled), and seeing if you're seeing the shortcode displayed in the same manner? And if so, does re-arranging the parameters help sort it out in your case as well?

    Kind Regards,

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