Should I use BuddyPress Groups or Membership to control access to bbPress forums

WordPress Multisite V3.5.1
BuddyPress V1.7
bbPress V2.2.4
Membership plugin

I have BuddyPress set up on the main site in my multisite network.

I am using Membership so I can have free memberships (access to public/sitewide forums and some content) and paid membership levels (access to private forums and lots of content).

What would you recommend is the best way to control access to the forums?

Should I use BuddyPress groups with the new integration of bbPress V2? But, it's my understanding I can only have a bbPress forum linked to a group, not a bbPress category - which I'd like for better organisation in the forums.

So a paid member would be added to the paid member group and then have access to the linked forum.

OR should I not worry about BuddyPress groups for this and instead create my forum structure (2 categories Public and Private and then sub-forums under those) and then control access to the category forums using the controls available in Membership?

If I take this approach what is the best way to implement this in Membership? Is it a positive rule for the page? Do I need to use any of the BuddyPress rules?

And extending on from that - is it possible to add a page to a group? So on the group menu I'd have Home, Members, etc, and a custom tab to a page (which could hold the bbPress forum catergory).

Does that make sense?

Thank you for your help.