Should E-newsletter members have a Member number (like Membership) or are they meant 2 all be zero?


Following on from:

You logged in and signed do not have a member number either.

It is zero.

Are the e-newsletter members SUPPOSED to have a member number?

I notice that there is a bunch of members assigned the "0" number - shouldn't they be assigned numbers?

Those look to be the members that were blocked from your subscription page before you fixed the "permission" error message.

As noted in the previous post, the permission error happens when Double optin is NOT checked. You only fix it by checking the double opt in as per the link to the post that explained it.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Karen,

    My mistake! Those would be the members that aren't registered with your site.

    They won't have an ID because they aren't created as a user. You will notice all the other ID's link to their user profile. Neither of the emails I signed up with had accounts, which is why they both have 0.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding there :slight_smile:


    PS. Still making my way back to your previous post in the feed. I didn't forget!

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    Thanks for clearing up the above.

    I presume - because I just signed up for the newsletters and then as a member -that the zero turns into a member number when you sign up to the site.

    I DO try and make it clear but it is hard to turn what is onscreen into text that makes sense when you can't include screenshots (I have tried before and my Gadwin files are far too big for your process).

    Anyway, I just posted another anomaly.

    I am sure it will all get sorted, but I am not confident of the process now so can't promote my e-book until I know people can follow the process and clearly at the moment they can't and are confused about the "Subscribe for Newsletters" button (which NOT ONE PERSON is clicking!).

    See other new post for the back end stuff I noticed which might give a clue that there are two separate processes happening that are dumping info into the member profile and it isn't making sense (refer "red" text and "green" text in next post.)

    Thanks for clearing one up.


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