Should I copy or move sunrise.php?


I noticed an inconsistency in the installation instructions for the Domain Mapping plugin. On the Usage page for the plugin it states:

You will see in the /domain-mapping/ folder there is a file called sunrise.php. We need to move that (move, not copy) to the /wp-content/ folder.

But the settings page for the domain mapping on my site states:

Please copy the sunrise.php to /home/username/ and uncomment the SUNRISE setting in the /home/username/ file

So the usage page says to move it and explicitly says to not copy it, while the settings page just says to copy it.

I know it should work either way, but is there any benefit one way or the other? For example, if the plugin is updated, will the sunrise.php also be updated in both cases?

In any case, I think the instructions should be corrected to be consistent in both places.