Should I just start over with a new install to create a new network?


I have been planning the launch of a network that will allow people to have their own site/channel to live stream live trainings where they can interact with their viewers/students. I started a site that is being hosted through GoDaddy. I cannot say that I am a web developing expert. I simply enjoy making the sites come together. So, I am not 100% sure on everything I need to make this work.

In speaking with a GoDaddy support team member, I was informed that it was basically "illegal" in a sense to do live streaming from my shared hosting account. So, I know I need another option for that.

I am just not sure what options I should consider at this point. I do know that I want to create a Multi-Site where the name of the instructor comes before the domain name, be able to create a directory for people who visit the site to locate instructors based on what they teach, for each site to replicate the original site with the push of a button or simple action by end user, and for each teacher to be able to control their own live streams.

Can someone offer me some insight in regards to getting started with this project?

I do have a multi-site set up in my current wordpress install which is hosted with GoDaddy. I have not done much work to it at all because I did not want to put too much work into it, then have to start over.

Best regards,

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Phe!

    A shared host would definitely be insufficient for running either a multisite network or doing live streaming, both of which require a certain amount of resources to work properly. On a shared host, you're sharing your server with up to dozens of other sites, so if you're using all the server's resources, their sites may come down.

    You'll need to look at a dedicated host or a VPS. The price is a bit more than a shared host, by quite a bit, but you won't be in danger of having your site taken down by your host because it's using too many server resources.

    Streaming video is a special case - it needs both a great connection to the internet itself, as well as the memory and CPU power to serve that content to as many users as possible simultaneously. Let any host you speak with know up front that this is what you're planning to do, so they can set you up with the right kind of equipment. I believe GoDaddy has dedicated plans that aren't as expensive as other hosts, it may be worth asking if you can get a better rate since you're an existing customer.

    Once you're up and running, we have a suite of plugins that will help you create a directory of all the sites in your network, a running stream of the latest subsite content on your primary site, and more.

    Post Indexer - this is a behind-the-scenes plugin that indexes all the content in your network to a single table, it's needed for the other plugins listed below to work.

    Blogs Directory - just like it sounds, this will create a Directory page on your main site listing all the sites in your network.

    Global Recent Posts - This creates a feed of all your latest content on your primary site.

    We've got other global plugins for widgets, comments, authors, and more, so you can really showcase the work happening across your network on your primary site.

    Hope this helps!

    Additionally - here's the Official Go To Guide for multisite from the WP Codex:

    Thanks, and take care!

    The multisite format you're speaking of here, is an example of a sub-domain network. The other alternative is to create sub-directory network, which would create URLs that look like this:

  • Jude

    Hi there @Phenom

    Does WPMU offer a plug-in that allows for live video streaming, or is the option to live stream comment threads the only option we have here?

    Unfortunately we do not offer any plugins for this. I do remember a great service my church used a while ago which was free at the time. Here is the link, the platform can do what you are looking at just speak to them to be sure


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