Should I use Multisite in this case?

very happy to be pointed in the right direction of reading material for further study....

I want to provide a service of easy to use websites for completely seperate regional athletics clubs.

Each athletics club, under the umbrella of a parent organisation, does it's own thing, including websites. Most are OK, some are terrible, most ofthem fall somewhere in between. The clubs often have difficulty finding someone to run the website efficiently.

I thought this MIGHT be a good use case for MULTISITE, providing access to a fairly generic site that suits the MAJORITY needs for each club, but each club could add it's own backgrounds, pictures, events and results . Each club to have it's own admin but a site that could be easily spawned form within a Mutlisite environment.


Should I create seperate websites from a Wordpress setup template, and use something like InfiniteWP to administer spam, comments, plugin and theme updates.

Very happy for any answer, even it's a link to some docmentation that would help me make this decision. I appreciate any time that abyone spends on this.

Brisbane, Australia