Should I use WP Smush with WP Rocket & Cloudflare?


I have my website running with a decent 2 second load time., however there are still some CSS & JS files that have not been minimized yet.

1. I already have Cloudlfare Pro and Suciri enabled on this site.

2. Theme itself is using minor minifications

3. I have installed “WP smush Pro” to compress all the images

4. I have the option of installing “WP Rocket” which you know what it does.

>> Based on what I currently have do you recommend me installing both plugins , only 1 or none and why? Thanks

  • Tom Whittaker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey @roberto_diaz,

    Personally i have been using WP Smush Pro for a good while now, and its one the best investment i’ve done :slight_smile: . it works really great and shrink down these big images while keeping the true color of the images :slight_smile:. and i also use it with CloudFlare, Amazon CDN (S3) and Succuri and Ithemes Security Pro, and thus far, i haven’t run to any performance issue or anything. But like i always do when given person suggestions on WordPress, i’d tell them to install the plugin on a test site on the same server, reason being is that, sometime when you install a plugin on localhost it might work fine , but when you do it on a production server things doesn’t go the way you want it to, so i’d suggest you create a dummy site on your production server and test the plugins.

    Hope that help you.

  • Sajid
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hi @roberto_diaz

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    First of all I would like to say that less plugins means faster site loading. If you add more plugins to increase the page speed means it will make it more heavy and increase the page load time in result.

    WP Smush Pro will only optimize your images by removing junk from it to increase page speed.

    I can see you already have cloudflare pro for CDN and if I am not mistaken there is AutoMinify feature is available out of the box to minify CSS & JS and even HTML.

    With this combination I think you don’t really need WP Rocket to boast the page speed. However it indeed is a good plugin.

    @thomas Whittaker thanks for your response and sharing your love with the community :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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