should the main site of a large multisite have its own blog and blog

so a question on speed when it comes to wordpress and such.... if I have a multisite that I hope anyway will get big... how big I dunno so assume huge just in case im blessed with that problem.

Anyway Ive ended up messing with the php files of most the site to try to hard code most of it in except what needs to be dynamic to increase speed and efficiency... my primary site must have the signup obviously, I figured id leave the primary news blog on that site as well.

Now the question I have from a performance standpoint... assuming that both of these wouldnt be on the front webpage, but in a subpage somewhere on the main site would it be better to go ahead and leave the forums on that same site... Im thinkin it would be best that way if for no other reason then its easiest to mess with the forum widgets and such.... but Im not sure if I would take a performance hit.

The other question is blog... Besides the news I plan on having a blog with relevant info for my network of sites....not to mention another piece of content out there to get indexed for google. Would I see a performance hit there? or is that fine to just leave on my primary site.

Primary site as in's blog or would I be better with for the blogs site or for the forums


  • DavidM
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    Hi LCDist,

    I may be misunderstanding things here so please fee free to correct me if so, but I can't see any reason why there would be a performance difference over having the blog or forums you mentioned on the main site as opposed to a sub-site.

    It might be easier to track particular statistics having them separated into sub-sites, but the performance issues would all get factored in to the overall performance of the network. I would think the larger point in this consideration would be SEO as opposed to where the performance hits are coming from, no?


  • LCDist
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    I plan on having multidb installed once all the bugs get figured out with the prosites/multidb/forums thing so I was thinkin more on the lines of the sql load and the load from having to load plugins for that site like forums for instance.

    Although I s uppose that would only happen when you hit that specific page on the site Just custom designing a lot of the php in this theme has me acutely aware of how much the browser is doing and how much wordpress is doing now lol.... has me paranoid

  • LCDist
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    oh in addition to that question 1 other concern .... when working on say a news page template or even your default blog page template....

    Is there any real advantage to doing the loop on say blog-template.php where you have your page or on that same page calling functions.php and putting the loop in there

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