Show all subscription levels to subscribers to upgrade

OK, so I created an account page that shows the current status for a registered member (Free Member). Now when a user with free member access visits the subscription page, it only shows the current level (Free Member) and an unsubscribe button. What if I want this membership level to see other subscriptions to which they could subscribe to- to effectively upgrade their account to a different level.

Here is what I am trying to do. All my clients will register as free users at minimum. If they wish to have premium access they can either upgrade to a paid monthly flat fee or subscribe to a monthly service plan such as maintenance, hosting etc. If they have a monthly subscription, they are automatically granted premium access but clients without these monthly services can just pay a flat monthly fee.

Suppose a free member wants to upgrade to a hosting package, without having to manually provide paypal buttons for each package, is there a way to show the other subscriptions for them to upgrade?

I also have marketpress installed as well, is it perhaps better to make the hosting and web maintenance packages digital products in marketpress and run it that way?

Greatly appreciate the insight.