Show archives of chat without the chat being live

I like this plugin, and it would be great if admin could have a button on the front-end to 'close' a chat once a session is finished, but keep the log for SEO purposes.

Imagine the following:
- I want to host weekly 1-hour chats on a page, but don't want the chat open to all once the chat has finished
- I want the chat archive to *replace* the chat box when finished (assuming we've got only one archive)

I presume much of the work is as follows:
- process_shortcode() method of the chat class
- a couple admin options to allow this as an option
- permissions setup so that we can allow moderators to close chats
- add an action that admins/those permitted only can use to close the chat
- add in a button for closing the chat

Any thoughts on this being possible?