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I used to use Protected Content but never could get it configured to work properly. I did like how on the My Account page, it would show the credit card info that was on file and allow a customer to click a button to update the card or change the card.

On this project, I want to have a current credit card on file for all my customers so if they do not show up for their appointments (appointments+) I can bill the card they have on file. Has this functionality been absorbed into Membership 2 Pro? If I recall, I was using either 2CO or Stripe as my original payment gateways on the other project.

I will also need to add a method of capturing the credit card info. I prefer Stripe as my gateway and I like that I can easily embed a simple form into a site. I will need to work that into my workflow where new users are prompted to add their credit card info (no charge made) after they register for a free membership.

I have set-up a simple free membership (all access) system to be sure I get users to validate their e-mail addresses before being able to schedule appointments. If anyone has any ideas on how to capture the credit card info without processing a charge, I would greatly appreciate your input as well.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello @mike_desalvio,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    This is not currently possible and I don't think it would be added as a feature as payment gateways do not officially allow this due to the security reasons. The general tendency among payment gateways providers is to encrypt all the data exchange between their system and end user and only provide "middleman" (merchant) with information necessary for him to process order.

    I think the only way for this would be either to create your own payment gateway which is a serious business requiring you to meet a lot of very strict law and tech requirements or to become Stripe/PayPals business partner. Though I'm not even sure if the latter is possible at all.

    Therefore, I can see no way to achieve what you need other than just asking users to provide you with their card details in a separate form (e.g. as an additional profile field). I suppose however that if payment gateway gets to know about it, they may suspend your account.

    Kind regards,

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