Show credit card info on account page

I used to use Protected Content but never could get it configured to work properly. I did like how on the My Account page, it would show the credit card info that was on file and allow a customer to click a button to update the card or change the card.

On this project, I want to have a current credit card on file for all my customers so if they do not show up for their appointments (appointments+) I can bill the card they have on file. Has this functionality been absorbed into Membership 2 Pro? If I recall, I was using either 2CO or Stripe as my original payment gateways on the other project.

I will also need to add a method of capturing the credit card info. I prefer Stripe as my gateway and I like that I can easily embed a simple form into a site. I will need to work that into my workflow where new users are prompted to add their credit card info (no charge made) after they register for a free membership.

I have set-up a simple free membership (all access) system to be sure I get users to validate their e-mail addresses before being able to schedule appointments. If anyone has any ideas on how to capture the credit card info without processing a charge, I would greatly appreciate your input as well.