show different products on different installations?

Hello and big thanks for developing this great plugin!

I’m no WHMCS user yet but I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Please let me ask some questions about it playing together with wordpress multisite:

1. If I have two WordPress multisite installations and one WHMCS installation, would it be possible to show different products from WHMCS in both wpmu installations? For example, if I want to optimize the one installation for domain registrations and blog creating, the other one for a social network with buddypress and blog creating as part of the network. I’ll wait until your plugin integrates ProSites, so there could be different user levels sold by WHMCS on this second installation – by WHMCS because the domain registration should be possible, two. It’s a question of marketing, to present each product collection bigger, in another order etc. where it fits the best.

I hope you understand what I’m thinking of and talking about.

2. Can I sell products from WHMCS inside of my WordPress installation, that have nothing to do with this install? Just using my WordPress theme as a mask without empowering a user registration and so on? I think this is what your other plugin, WHMCS integration is doing, but I’m not quite sure, how the multisite provisioning plugin will act in this way, if it’s activated, too?

3. I’ve seen in your example grafics that you use a subdomain for the WHMCS installation. What would be the best way to handle wpmu and WHMCS: Both on the same domain, WHMCS in a subfolder? Or doesn’t this matter in any way?