Show errors related to managed backup

I have two sites setup for Automate where plugin updates failed because “supposedly” managed backups weren’t setup. OK, so I setup (again?) and run a first backup from Hub for one of the sites. The managed backup fails. There is no error message. It just shows that I need to create a backup.

I have not yet started to look deeper, and I have only done this for one of the sites. I’ll do my job to discover and remedy the issue. Yes, I will certainly look at server logs, I’ll check the list of WPMU DEV IPs approved through the firewall. But it would be helpful if the managed backup process provided some kind of messaging from the Hub so that I don’t need to go to the site to figure out what happened. I mean, did the backup fail? Did Dev fail to connect in to retrieve the file? Did it connect in and not find the file?

As a part of this, I need to understand what Hub apps do when failures like this occur. It looks like Automate will stop updates if backups fail, and backups will stop running if there is a backup failure. We get a single email when one of these functions is toggled, but it’s easy to lose that in the mass of emails we get from Dev.

Is there Hub RSS to which we can subscribe so that we can automate the parsing of notifications and do our own reporting, warnings, etc. I mean, if the Hub turns off Automate or Backups, I’d prefer to get a warning in Slack or Skype or SMS. I can handle that part of it, but I need the raw data to parse.