Show Membership 2 Pro "Profile Fields" add-on Data In BuddyPress Profile.

I have BuddyPress Integration and Profile Fields add-on enabled, but BuddyPress Profile only shows Base profile data but there are other fields in Profile Fields.
How will this data be shown in BP profiles?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello marge

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The "Profile Fields" Membership 2 Pro add-on doesn't actually add up any profile fields to the site. It only lists existing ones, letting you decide which ones should be used or not. So, it includes native WP user profile fields and fields created with plugins such as BuddyPress - there's nothing "new", however.

    The add-on works "one way" - it only will let you decide which of the fields would be used on registration page if the Membership 2 Pro registration page is used on site. The same applies to the user profile: it doesn't change native WP user profile page or any "profile pages" from 3rd party plugins - it only affects user profile editing on /account page.

    On your setup, there's a BuddyPress Integration add-on enabled with an option to use BuddyPress registration page. That makes the site use standard BP registration, which is using basic WP fields + BP profile fields.

    A registered user can edit related user data on his/her BuddyPress profile page in 'Settings" section (e-mail, user password) and in "Profile" section. Including additional fields (e.g. coming from 3rd party plugins - though M2P doesn't create any) would require additional custom development, but that would also depend on where those fields are coming from and how were they created.

    Kind regards,

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