show no vote count before voting - how to?

how to not show the results before a person has been voted?
e.g. show results only after the person has been voted.

how to?

  • DavidM

    Hi Udris,

    So you'd like to hide the vote results and display them only if/after a user votes, correct?

    The plugin doesn't provide an option for that so I took a look at the plugin code to see how that could be done and couldn't really see an easy method.

    The function process_vote_result_code() on line 130 of wpmu-dev-post-votes\lib\class_wdpv_codec.php yields the results but you'd have to adjust the javascript in \wpmu-dev-post-votes\js\wdpv_voting.js to get it to all work differently, upon voting.

    I'll go ahead and move this over to the feedback forum and tag the developer on the thread to see how viable that might be to get included.


  • Udris

    I did it :slight_smile:
    I use vote up and show result template tags on my page to display separately the voting button and the result.

    I changed the wdpv_voting.css file only to achieve that the result appears only after a person has voted.

    for .wdpv_vote_up I extended the bacground and put an positive z-index value
    for .wdpv_vote_result_output i put an negativ z-index value, so its behind the .wdpv_vote_up background

    and when I vote the .wdpv_vote_up changes to .wdpv_vote_up.wdpv_disabled and that reaveals the result.

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