Show permalinks with image title instead of post title

Hi! My site: As you can see, it's pretty much like a tumblr; my posts aren't going to have neither title nor text. I want to make my posts permalinks look like How do I do that?


  • Wheel of Commerce

    Yes, each post will be an image. My site will be pretty much like some kind of tumblr: it'll show just images of women. I'm sure that visitors who'll come to my site will be interested solely in the pictures of beautiful women, nothing else, which is exactly the reason why I'm keeping things as minimalists as possible. Besides, considering the content of the site, my post's titles would be like my images' titles, something like "hot gorgeous beautiful girl woman brunette 1, 2, 3" and so on; it'd be horrible in terms of aesthetics to see these sequential titles as post's titles, which is why I want to have something like "" as my posts permalinks. I talked to a wordpress moderator at the wp forums, she told me that if I kept my posts without title and select the Post name option at my permalinks settings, that'd make my posts permalinks look the way I want; I did so, but instead of having the "", all I got was "".

    So, any ideas?

  • Mason


    So the first part of that advice is good. You shoul have your permalinks settings to post name.

    However, the post title won't just magically grab the image title. You can either enter it manually when you upload the photo or possibly have someone write a custom script that queries the post for the attachment title and programmatically assigns this to your post title.

    That'd have to be something a developer would have to do for you. You could post a request on our Job Boards:

    Or see if it's something that could be handled through a service like

    Hope that helps!

  • Wheel of Commerce

    The fact that my images titles will be like ""hot gorgeous beautiful girl woman brunette 1, 2, 3" and so on wouldn't cause a problem with the search mechanisms? Cause if I change my permalinks structure to looks like "", the only difference among posts from the same category (like "Blondes", for example) would be the final number. I mean the permalinks would be extremely alike, can't it cause a search engine problem?

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