Show Taxonomy message in archive.php file

Hi there,

I use Artisteer for my theme design and i use Custompress to create Taxonomies.

I have created a Taxonomy with the name “sxoliki_xronia”.

Here is the embed code:

[tax id=”sxoliki_xronia” before=”your text before: ” separator=”, ” after=” your text after”].

In my archive.php file, when someone clicks on a specific Category or Tag, a message appears in the visitor which shows him which Category or Tags posts are shown.

What i want to do, is to add a similar message, when the visitor sees posts related to the Taxonomy “sxoliki_xronia”.

Can someone help?

Thank you inanticipation.

Below i write the the code of my archive.php file:


if (have_posts()) {

global $posts;

$post = $posts[0];


if (is_category()) {

echo ‘<div style=”padding:6px;”><h6>’ . ‘Show posts of category: ‘ . single_cat_title(”, false) . ‘</h6></div>’;

} elseif (is_tag()) {

echo ‘<div style=”padding:6px;”><h6>’ . ‘Show posts of Tag: ‘ . single_tag_title(”, false) . ‘</h6></div>’;

} elseif ……..