Showcase of a simple network

Thought I'd let you see (it will help promotion a little) my basic multisite set-up. I created this as a sort of training excercise for a more ambitious multi-site project that will go live later this summer. Although this one is a live project too, but I don't expect to get rich from it.

This is a basic Wordpress Multi-site install, with these WPMU plugins
- Pro-sites
- Remove e-mail verification
- set blog description on blog creation
- set password on multisite blog creation
- sign-up TOS
- Anti-SPLOG
- Floating Social
- Infinite SEO
- WPMU Dev Videos

With the NETWORK theme for the master site, and the 130 free theme pack and the odd other theme for network blog choice.

That is about is.

I must say, I'm impressed with Anti-PLOG I have had a few (and they have to pick all those Cats to sign up, so I guess there are human sploggers wasting their time out there)

Anyway. Give it your support please, Tweet about it, mention it on your Facebooks, Google + about it. Will be much appreciated.

(you should be able to remember the name, there is a boring but true story to why I got that domain name)