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Hello all: I am using the showcase theme It is visually stunning. However, I am having difficulty figuring out how to display the 3 images on the home page. Currently, the homepage does not seem to display the 3 images. Instead when you roll the mouse over I am getting 2 icons to "view" or "to post". I really want those images displaying. Is there any way to make them display?

Thx a bunch!


  • Simcoeartists
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi there: I have the featured image all worked out now and really like the clean, visual appeal to this theme. I hope it's OK to suggest some updates that I think might be cool ...

    1) The flash at the top is a hex actually (six faces). It would be cool if all six images could have their own destination links.
    2) The inside pages and posts beg for a sidebar widget (IMO)
    3) Make "wide column" or "2 Column" (with widgets) an option for admins
    4) Make the featured image default to first image on the page if publisher did not select one.

    I have tried and tried to MacGyver my way through sidebar widgetising with no luck. Admittedly, I am a wannabee coder ... barely dangerous!

    The website is here orilliabusiness(dot)com if you to want a look.

    Thanks for providing this great resource, I am like a kid in a candy store :slight_smile:


  • Simcoeartists
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi all: Again I am kindly asking the same question. Trying to be patient but running out of patience. Almost 2 weeks have gone by (not bitchen) with no answer to the question. As I build out this site the thumbnail display look more and more unprofessional.

    I am trying to understand how to make thumbnails line up. If it cannot be done please tell me, I suppose I'll change themes.

    Please, Please help!

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