showcase theme modification to posts

your custom css absolutely wonderful and that did remove the options right below so I thank you very much; however, there is still 1 BIGGER issue that remains.

when you visit my site all I want right below the spinning showcase ads is 3 STATIC images that will be posted as follows:

SugarGirlForums SugarGirlTubeTV SugarGirlNews

I will create the three images and place them in a POST; I want to hyperlink each image so that when you click on an image it will take you to that hyperlink.

Pretty simple; however, as it is now, it appears to be layered so that when I set an image in a post and attempt to click the image, it will not hyperlink but opens yet another window.

I just want to set three STATIC images, that will hyperlink once clicked. These would be inserted within the POST feature of WP.