show/hide subscription form to un-registered users

I have 3 member levels:
1. visitors
2. free user (registered)
3. pay user (free user + option)

As you can see my 3rd level is a mix of free user (that is totally free and never expires) and an extra option that makes users able to submit a question by a form (created with CF7).
My purpose is to give users in the 3rd level the ability to submit 5 questions and then drop back to 2nd level (I'm studying how to do that but for now is just a manual drop from admin).
What I've done is to protect the form with [level 3] tag: [level3] my form [/level3].
It works but my question is:
how can I hide visitors (1st level) the 3rd level subsciption? I need to show 3rd level subscription button ONLY to 2nd level members and not to 1st..
So the process would be like that:
visitors --> free suser --> pay user (and then back to free user after 5 submissions).
Got it?