Showing 0 units ready after updating coursepress

Okay I am starting a new thread as it has been over 20 hours and the person who responded to my first thread has not replied. We are trying to get the site updated so we can start new courses and the next term begins in a few days.

I was told to manually update coursepress to see if that would get rid of my problems. but it didn’t work…

Okay.. update.. I manually updated coursepress using my FTP .. same problems problems as before.

Also I notice in the preview mode if I click “units” it says “O units in the course currently. Please check back later.”

Number beside assessment for my courses has changed from 40 ish to 299. I know there are not 299 assignments/questions for me to mark.

Some teachers have also noted that unpublished draft units have disappeared.

Is there anyway to fix these issues? thanks for your help