Showing all costs prior to pay pal


Is it possible to have an additional checkout page which appears after the buyer has filed in their address details, which summarises all charges (item cost, shipping cost and tax cost) prior to going onto paypal,

for example:

item: test product £50.00
shipping: £10
Tax/VAT: £12.00

Total: £ £72.00

Personally I feel it is better to let the buyer know exactly what he is going to be charged before he goes into Pay Pal, if I were buying I would certainly feel more comfortable knowing what my costs are before proceeding, yes I know it add an additional step, or does it need to, could the checkout page be refreshed to show the charges at the bottom after they have completed their details, or would this work better:

Get the buyer to select their shipping country first and then the page refreshes and they fill in the rest of their details before going to pay pal.

Just though of a better solution, see the first screenshot:

Add another button where it's shown in red and don't have the checkout button showing at this point:

1 the buyer selects his shipping country
2 page refreshes showing the details mentioned above (cost, shipping,tax, total) the checkout button has also appeared now

Now see the second screen shot
3 buyer proceeds to complete all his details in the full knowledge of how much his costs are

Would appreciate your thoughts