Showing BuddyPress content on another site in network


I'd like to achieve the following, would be good to know how it might be possible:

- A user posts an update on a private BuddyPress site
- These updates are either public or private (this could simply be two different BP groups)
- Public updates are flagged up to a moderator before going live

And now for the tricky bit:

- I want the public, approved updates for each user to appear on separate public profile pages, but on another WP site in the same network.

Is this remotely possible? Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated!

Thanks very much


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Ben and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I imagine that might be rather easy if you're referring to blog posts, as you could use the Contributor role so those members could only add but not publish content (the admin would have to publish).

    However, I'm wondering, are you referring to the BuddyPress activity stream instead?


  • benclowney
    • New Recruit

    Hi - thanks

    Yes, it would be pretty straight forward with blog posts, but I did mean the BuddyPress activity stream.

    There needs to be a way for users to interact privately with each other (and BuddyPress seems the best solution for this) with their updates in certain groups appearing on a public profile page. Ideally these pages would be on another site in the network, but it may be easier to do the whole site in BuddyPress

    Does that make sense?



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