showing button( 1 to 3 month) in modify a subscription page.

Sorry, I make new topic.
Because, I want to show screencapture about modify page.

I use Supporter 2.2.2 & WordPress 3.0.1.

I customise code of supporter-framework.php, Because I use Japanease yen.
default : 1~999 you can select
mycustomise: 100~10000 ( about $1.2~$121 )

There are error like this.

Because of this the supporter plugin is designed not to show modify buttons going up (like 1 to 3 mo), only downgrading (3 to 1). Is it showing those buttons?

Looks like you are only seeing that error because your pricing structure is abnormal.

Now, I use default code of supporter-framework.php in other test site.
use US Paypal & doller. not use Japanese yen.
And, I try to pay.
But There are same error too.

Please see the Upload File.
It is showing button(1 to 3 mo & 1 to 12 mo).
This error is only me ?

I test by this price.
1 month : $10
3 month : $20
12 month : $60

Please help me.