Showing custom posts in a different order - not by date

Hello, I am new here and do not know if questions that I ask are public or how exactly your support works. I've been teaching myself Wordpress over the past year, and have made progress, but don't always know the correct terms to use when asking a question. I am working on a theme that did not come from you which posts properties for rent. I am trying to get the properties to display on the page in order of bedrooms, not by date posted, and was able to modify the loop on one of the files with a custom query to achieve this. Unfortunately, I can no longer filter by property type (like a category) or any other filters. I'm stuck on how to add the filters back in. I got a suggestion about "assigning arguments to $args dynamically" and to look at how it is done in other places. But this is over my head. Is this something that you can help with? Or do you only offer support for your themes? Thanks!