Showing FREE site.

Loving the new Pro sites. Not had much time to play recently but I had a requirement to update from the supporter plugin.

I notice though that some "free" sites originally, are now signing in and going to the admin only to be re-directed back to the compare chart (upgrade/downgrade page):


Thats good as it gives the option to upgrade or click to keep their site free. However the option for free is not there on some and they can't access the admin as it redirects them back to that page. I investigated and looked in the admin area first. All looks fine there. The message for "Never been a pro site" is there and in the history is "Pro Site status has been withdrawn."

So I took a nosey in the DB, I see this "psts_signed_up". 0 = the option free does not show any longer and 1 = the option to choose free site is there. Fine....

I've had a couple of reports of this (from my end users) which prompted me to look into the matter. Those reporting the issue so far seem not to have the "psts_signed_up" column. Both never upgraded before and thus have no extra plugins installed or active.

Anyway, not sure of the cause but thought I would mention it incase others have the same issue. For them a quick sql:

'option_id' ,
'blog_id' ,
'option_name' ,
'option_value' ,
NULL ,  '0',  'psts_signed_up',  '1',  'yes'

Of course replace DB with yours, the WP Prefix you use and the Site ID in question.

Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile: