Showing images on Fixer Theme slides and Menu questions?

I have the Fixer Theme,when I am editing my website in Upfront, I have added new images to the slide and deleted the existing theme slides, for some reason when this is saved it reverts back to showing me the original theme images, and my images are not there?? see screenshot for

Also I have added About Us page this page seems to take me to another part of the site instead of further down the page? How do I control which pages take me further down and which take me to a separate area of the site?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Lavinia,

    I hope you're well today!

    I can see that the images on your website are now different from "standard" images from Fixer theme. Does it mean that you've managed to solve this problem? Please let me know.

    As for "about" page I understand that you want it to be a part of a homepage instead of a separate page? If so, please take a look at URL's of you menu. You'll notice that those menu elements that link to the "sections" of the same page that you're currently viewing all have a "#" (hash) sign in front of "slug". This is called an "anchor" and it's a bit different than a regular URL.

    In order to make "about" a section of a page and not the separate page first you need to create for example a text block (or other kind of content) on that page (e.g homepage in your case). Do it exactly the same way as if you would just be editing the home page: drag appropriate elements on the page, edit them and save entire layout.

    Next, while still in "Upfront mode", scroll down to the first element that is a "starting point" (or the beginning) of the "about" section, hover your mouse over it and click that green "wheel" icon to edit an element. Select "CSS Styles & Anchor Setting", check the box that says "Make this element an anchor" and give it a unique name in a text field below (see screenshot anchor1).

    Now click "OK" and scroll up back to the menu. Add new element or select existing one and double-click on it and select the entire text (just like for copying). You should see a "chain" icon above it - click on it and in the box that showed up choose "Anchor". From the dropdown list select the name that you gave your section (see previous step), click "OK" and save everything. And that's pretty much all (see screenshot anchor2).

    I hope that helps,


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