Showing links from custom fields in Custompress

Hi Guys,

I've been using Custompress to show some custom fields on a client site, which up until today when I upgraded to the latest version of WP and CP were working ok.

I had the following code snippets in a text area on the Ultimatum Theme Layout Builder and they displayed a link to Twitter and Websites respectively, but now they don't.

This used to display the Twitter username (as entered in the custom field) and link to

<a href="[ct id="_ct_text_twitterid" property="title | description | value"]" target="_blank"> [ct id="[ct id="_ct_text_twitterid" property="title | description | value"]</a>
Now its shows - instead.

The same for the website field

<a href="[ct id="_ct_text_weblink" property="title | description | value"]" target="_blank"> [ct id="[ct id="_ct_text_weblink" property="title | description | value"]</a>
Which used to show and now shows /[ct=id

I'm sure it's probably something simple or to do with the ' " etc, it's just a bit annoying that it was ok and now isn't for some reason.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Many thanks